Praying For Your Husband

March 10

8:30 am – 3:00 pm

Cost $20 (Covers lunch and materials)

KYTN Conference Office


Although our husbands are to be the spiritual leaders of our homes we sometimes forget to pray for them.  Each document below contains scriptures and specific areas to focus prayer for that week.  This will remind us to blanket our husbands in prayer against the assaults of the enemy.   Let’s commit to lifting up our husbands and watch for changes in his life and the lives of our families.

   Week 1                                   Week 16
      Week 2                                   Week 17
      Week 3                                   Week 18
      Week 4                                   Week 19
      Week 5                                   Week 20
      Week 6                                   Week 21
      Week 7                                   Week 22
      Week 8                                   Week 23
      Week 9                                   Week 24
      Week 10                                 Week 25
      Week 11                                 Week 26
      Week 12                                 Week 27
      Week 13                                 Week 28
      Week 14                                 Week 29
      Week 15


The goal of the KY-TN Conference Women’s Ministries Department is to disciple women to know and show Jesus.  Our spiritual vision is to lift up Jesus by enabling women to discover and realize their leadership and ministry within the home, the church, and the community.  We endeavor to enrich and empower women to realize their value as human beings and devise creative opportunities to share the Good News with all people groups.  We are a team that prays, disciples, mentors, plans, and worships together awaiting our Lord’s return.

Gail McKenzie

Gail McKenzie


Phone: (615) 859-1391 x1015

April Silva

April Silva

Administrative Assistant

Phone: (615) 859-1391 x1016

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