Locally Funded Employees  – Frequently Asked Questions

 Q:  Must all locally-funded employees at a location be voted as either conference employees or local employees?

A:  Yes, for continuity, a local board will vote all employees at the local entity regarding
the payroll implementation process.

Q:  Can separate entities at the same geographic location vote differently?

A:  Yes, if they are separate entities with separate governing boards, then each entity
would need to make a decision. A school, church, and day care can be considered
separate entities if they have separate boards.

Q:  Can an entity change their vote at a later time?

A:  Yes, if a local entity decides they cannot continue with conference payroll, they have
the legal right to conclude conference employment and hire as a new employer

New Employee Process

A significant part of the employment process starts before an individual is hired. This includes determining the job requirements, posting the job, reviewing applications and completing reference checks, interviews and background screening (before the hiring decision if possible). After selecting the candidate with a board vote, the job offer must be clearly outlined to the applicant including pay rate, work schedule and benefits. After an offer of employment is made, the employee completes required employment forms using BambooHR, on or before the first day of employment. Please refer to the “Steps for New Hires” form to begin this process.

Early Childhood Education Center Employees

Please contact Human Resources for assistance at hr@kytn.net 


An employee performs hours of service for wages. The FLSA defines employee as “any individual employed by an employer” and employ is defined as including “to suffer or permit to work.” Please visit the Wage and Hour Division for more information.

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Independent Contractor

Several factors must be considered to determine the right of control in the working relationship. This includes behavioral control, financial control, and the type of relationship between the parties. If the church or school can direct or control only the result of the work done ‐‐ and not the means and methods of accomplishing the result ‐‐ then the workers are possibly independent contractors and an employment relationship would not exist. Please select the links below to test the Independent Contractor status.

Independent Contractor or Employee?

IRS 20 Factor Test

Independent Contractor Defined

IRS Brochure


Independent Contractor Defined

IRS 20 Factor Test

Tennessee – HB 539 (Independent Contractors) – This bill requires the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development to use the 20-factor test used by the Internal Revenue Service to determine whether an employer-employee relationship exists.


A volunteer performs service freely without pressure or coercion and without expectation of compensation. Employees may not volunteer their time to do the same work for which they are employed. Please review KTC’s Volunteer Information and confirm volunteer status. More information is available at the FLSA Advisor.