A Dream Come True

The Madison Hispanic District comprised of three churches, Madison, Springfield, and Lebanon, and one mission group, Bowling Green, Ky. and their pastor, Nathan Delima, felt God calling them to use radio as a means of sharing God’s Word. In order to do this, members would need to be trained how to speak on the radio. A communications expert, Baruch Lagos, was notified and April, 2014 was set for training. Promotional material was sent out to the district and people were asked to register if they had an interest.  Three weeks before the course was to begin, there were only two people registered; on the day the training began there were only eight registered, but 12 came. By the third day of classes, 22 had registered.

During the training each student learned how to read and pronounce words correctly and how to develop a radio program among other things. Many of the participants had not even finished elementary school. But, they all put their heart and mind into the training and did their best.

After 40 hours of training, a graduation ceremony was held on April 27 at the Springfield Hispanic Church with over 200 in attendance. Steve Haley, president of the Kentucky-Tennessee Conference and Armando deLeon, Conference Hispanic coordinator, were present.

Delima and the 22 new radio speakers believe that very soon as they begin to preach the everlasting gospel through the radio, many will be led to give their hearts to Jesus. It truly is a dream come true!