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Dr. Philip Samaan at Madison Campus

Dr. Philip G. Samaan will be the guest speaker at Madison Campus Church on February 8th.  His presentation will begin in the church sanctuary at 10:10 a.m. and continue throughout the afternoon. His topic is Christ’s Method Alone.  The full schedule is as follows. 10:10 a.m.     Christ’s Method: Top Priority 11:20 a.m.      Flavored […]

Blind Camper Receives Braille Hymnal

Last summer at Indian Creek Camp, Peter Foster requested a Seventh-day Adventist Hymnal in braille. On Sabbath, January 4, 2014, Foster received the hymnal he requested. It was delayed a month because of sickness he has endured, but as you can see, it was with joy he accepted the four volumes.  The only non-braille printing […]

The Discipleship Master Plan

The Discipleship Master Plan was presented to Steve Haley, president of the Kentucky-Tennessee Conference during the Conference Executive Committee on December 10, 2013.  Melvin Santos, pastor of the Nashville First Church, authored the textbook which is a step by step guide and strategy for creating disciple-making pastors and churches. Part of the vision established by […]

Hell and Mr. Fudge

HELL and Mr. Fudge “Based on a true story.” January 11, 2014 – 6:30 p.m. Highland Academy Gymnasium 211 Highland Circle Drive – Portland, TN You won’t want to miss this special presentation based on a conservative church leader’s true story about his challenge to investigate HELL! What people are saying about Hell and Mr. Fudge “Every person […]

Highland Academy Adds New Dual Credit Class

by:  Amy Cirigliano A group of 13 Highland Academy students and five sponsors traveled to northeastern Minnesota on the annual Boundary Waters Canoe Trip as part of Highland’s outdoor educational program this past September. Nine students also earned an hour of college credit through Southern Adventist University while earning P.E. credit at HA as part of the […]

“Man Behind the Mask” Men’s Conference

By:  Matthew Demaree, KY-TN Men’s Conference Coordinator Photo Courtesy of Mark Denman Indian Creek Camp hosted the second annual KY/TN Men’s Conference, October 25-27.  This year was especially exciting because it was the first joint venture between the South Central Conference and KY/TN Conference Men’s Ministries departments. There were 180 men in attendance which exceeded the […]

Theodore Brown, Sr. Honored

by:  Jay Prall A joint Sabbath potluck between the Decherd Church of the Kentucky-Tennessee Conference and Decherd First Church of the South Central Conference was the perfect cover for a surprise pastoral blessing for Theodore Brown Sr., Ph.D. pastor of the Decherd First Church.  Orchestrated by Annette Martinez, the church asked Nelson Mercado, pastor of […]

Cans and Coins

by:  Deborah Jones October 31st offers a great opportunity for outreach in the Brandywine Pointe community of Old Hickory, Tennessee.  John and Nicole Levoy wanted something for their four children to be involved in that would be a positive influence rather than the “darkness” generally associated with Halloween.  October 31st marked the fourth annual Cans […]

Simple Baskets, Simple Message

by:  Jay Prall As Decherd’s potluck luncheon wrapped up, it was time to create and assemble another meal.  Potatoes, green beans, gravy mix, apples, cornbread and cookie packets, oranges, and other food items needed to be arranged into simple baskets to bless the community.  A marketing postcard showing the church on the front, and an […]

Madison Academy Serves the Community

by:  Karen Hamberger In this season of giving, Madison Academy students and staff spent Friday, November 8, giving back to their community and neighbors.  The first all-school service day for the school year included projects such as painting houses, cleaning gutters, and fixing shutters.  Students also fed the homeless, played games with the elderly, and […]