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HAY!FAITH Festival Launched in Paris, TN

by: Jay Prall On October 27th, the Paris church launched their first annual HAY!FAITH Festival.  Banners, balloons, and newspaper ads combined to announce to the community the intent of Paris church to be more involved in the lives of the families of Paris. Every child was given a card to punch at each station – […]

Layman Darrin Shephard Presents First Evangelistic Series

by: Darwin Foley Two years ago Darrin Shephard gave his heart to the Lord and in October, Darrin presented his first evangelistic series.  Darrin is 22 years old and a member of the Pewee Valley church. Pastor Douglas Na’a pastors the Shelbyville and Pewee Valley churches. It all started when Darrin heard that his dad, […]

Guardianship for Minor Children

by: Barry Benton, Attorney Guardianship generally refers to the appointment of a person or persons entrusted for the physical care of another. This could be a person appointed in a Will to care for minor child(ren) after their parents are deceased, or it could be someone appointed to care for an adult who is determined […]

Giving Successful Bible Studies

by: Kieth Noll Photo courtesy of Jason Steffens via Flickr I love preaching and giving Bible studies.  Finding Bible study interests is much easier than we think.  Just ask God for someone who is interested and I can assure you He will answer your prayer.  If we ask God to make us sensitive to His […]

Conference Office Fire

You might be already be aware, as it did get some local late night news coverage, that the conference office caught on fire last night shortly after sunset. Fortunately Doug Hilliard, Charles Byrd and his assistant Janel were in the building and smelled smoke on the third floor. Unsure of the problem, as there were […]

Should You Become a CREATION Health Presenter?

by: Lynell LaMountain Photo courtesy of creationhealth.com One of the most common things people tell me is that they are anxious to share God’s life-changing message with others, but they don’t know how. Good news! I have an answer. Our mission is to extend the healing ministry of Christ and point hearts to our gracious […]

Thunder In the Holy Land on 3ABN!

If you missed the live broadcast, click the link below for the recorded program, which features President Steve Haley, Pastor Charles Byrd and Pastor Melvin Santos discussing this exciting media ministry tool with Shelley Quinn. Link: http://www.3abn.com/Download.html?TL013536 Directions: scroll to the middle of the page and click TL1356A for the first hour, and TL1356B for the […]

Hispanic Women’s Retreat

by: Marline Del Valle “I don’t want to leave the camp. I think if I do, I may not continue to walk in the footsteps of Jesus, as I have done this weekend…” These were some of the feelings expressed by one of the ladies who attended the Hispanic Women’s Retreat at ICC September 6-8.  […]

Health Emphasis in Bowling Green

by: Teresa Carmichael Though it wasn’t officially named as such, September 2013 was a month of health emphasis for members of the Bowling Green Church.  Two special events contributed to this emphasis. On Wednesday night, September 18, Chef Mark Anthony presented his Free Dinner and a Message.  He prepared a meal while sharing his personal […]

The Butterfly Effect: Moving Molecules and Reshaping Lives

by: Kathy Herwick Photo courtesy of apftp.us The Butterfly Effect theory states that a butterfly flapping its wings moves molecules of air, which in turn move other molecules of air and so on, resulting in a hurricane on the other side of the planet.  Although originally thought to be preposterous, this theory has since become […]