Boulevard Church experiences revitalization through week-long evangelistic series

From Sept. 11 to 18, Boulevard, Tenn., Church hosted an evangelistic series in an attempt to revitalize and grow their church community. The series, made in collaboration with the Southern Union, concluded with six baptisms.

Prior to hosting this evangelistic event, members from Boulevard Church attended training programs led by Southern Union Ministerial and Evangelism Director Roger Hernandez. The training sessions, hosted through Zoom, focused on prayer, Bible studies and reaching out to individuals who have left the church.

“[The Southern Union] has actually been working with eight churches who have under 100 people in attendance,” Hernandez said. “We worked with the churches for about a year and provided them with support and resources that, sometimes, smaller churches don’t have.”

In addition to the training programs, Boulevard Church received help from Bible worker Bobby Andrews.

The evangelistic series followed the theme, “We All Have Hope.” Each night, Hernandez talked about a common problem people face, like financial burden and death, and aligned it with a doctrine of the church. About 50 individuals attended the program each night and an additional 100 watched online.

“These were topics that were easy for all kinds of Christians,” said Alex Sozinov, pastor at Boulevard Church. “[The sermons] were understandable for new people and church members alike. … I was listening, and I was blessed every night.”

On Saturday, September 18, six people were baptized. According to Sozinov, two were regular members at Boulevard Church, two were former Seventh-day Adventists, and two were completely new to the faith.

“I think one thing that this series showed is that people will still respond to evangelism,” Hernandez said. “Evangelism is not dead. My hope now is that [the Boulevard church members] will not think it’s over. Evangelism needs to be a lifestyle, not just an event.”

According to Sozinov, Boulevard Church plans to expand their community service and Bible studies efforts throughout the following months.

To watch recordings of this evangelistic series, visit Boulevard Church’s Facebook page @BoulevardSDA.