Highland Academy Adds New Dual Credit Class

by:  Amy Cirigliano

A group of 13 Highland Academy students and five sponsors traveled to northeastern Minnesota on the annual Boundary Waters Canoe Trip as part of Highland’s outdoor educational program this past September. Nine students also earned an hour of college credit through Southern Adventist University while earning P.E. credit at HA as part of the new dual credit program. The trip was more than just relaxing down a river. The students spent five days canoeing, camping, and learning about the ecology and human history of the more than one million acres of protected wilderness. Students were able to see how traditional wood and canvas canoes are made and even got the chance to port their canoes across some the same portages that have been in use for centuries. Andy Wade, physical education director, said, “When students spend a week in Minnesota canoeing while getting school credit, it is a great way to get students hooked on a lifetime of being physically active.”