Highland Academy Moving Forward

Thanks to Andy Wade, Highland Academy (HA) Grounds Manager, and a host of students and staff, HA campus has never looked better. New shrubs around the dorms, manicured grass, and new structures and sidewalks give the campus a well ordered appeal as a Strategic Plan to renovate buildings and grounds begins to take shape at HA.  Students, under the direction of Brent Tungesvik, HA Dean of Men and Work Supervisor, have painted railings, concrete, and wood structures.  Attention to detail has been the order of the day. There is a new spirit at HA as staff and students together have sought to raise the bar of excellence in the physical, mental, and spiritual development.

A big thank you to the constituents of our wonderful conference for all the prayers and financial support to the various needs at HA.  Why not come by and take a special guided tour of the new look and feel. Student Recruitment Director Amy Cirigliano has worked tirelessly to fill the 35 empty desks that last year’s graduating senior class left us. As of this article, we are almost within reach of this goal. With God’s continued blessings, we may finish our school year with more students than we started with. Praise the Lord.


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