Layman Darrin Shephard Presents First Evangelistic Series

by: Darwin Foley

Two years ago Darrin Shephard gave his heart to the Lord and in October, Darrin presented his first evangelistic series.  Darrin is 22 years old and a member of the Pewee Valley church. Pastor Douglas Na’a pastors the Shelbyville and Pewee Valley churches.

It all started when Darrin heard that his dad, Jeff Shephard, was attending an evangelist series. Darrin and his mother, Jean, were already members, but Darrin was not living a life that uplifted Jesus.  His dad’s surrender and baptism led Darrin to surrender and be rebaptism. At that point, everything changed for Darrin.

At the time of his conversion, Darrin was enrolled at a college in Louisville. In the fall of 2011,  Darrin attended GYC (Generation of Youth for Christ) in Houston with a group of young people from Pewee Valley and Shelbyville.  The next summer Pastor Douglas went with Darrin to Andrews University were Darrin gave his testimony.  Then this past winter Darrin attended GYC in Seattle.

When it came time to plan an evangelistic series for Shelbyville, Darrin was suggested as the evangelist. He wanted training so he settled on a four month course at PEACE – Center of Evangelism in the North England Conference. Arriving back home at the end of September, he began preparing for his first Prophecies of Hope seminar.  The seminar was held each Friday, Sabbath, and Sunday for a period of five weeks, and Darrin preached a total of 18 sermons.  Attendance and response to Darrin’s heartfelt messages was excellent.