‘Let your Light Shine’: First ever NAD Zomi Adventist Youth Combined hosted at Bowling Green Zomi Church

From Sept. 4 to 5, Zomi Adventist Youth from across the North American Division (NAD) gathered at Bowling Green Zomi, Ky, Church for the first ever NAD Zomi Adventist Youth Combined. The purpose of the event was to connect young people and inspire spiritual renewal.

The meetings followed the theme “Arise, Shine, for Your Light Has Risen Upon You,” – a promise found on Isaiah 60:1. According to Thang Lian, member at Bowling Green Zomi Church and theology junior at Southern Adventist University, a lot of the discussions centered on how young people can use their talents for God.

“The main target was to let the youth know that they can be a light for other people,” Lian said. “They don’t have to study theology or be a pastor. … they can be a light in their school, workplace or university.”

About 70 young people traveled from across the country to join the event. Some of the states represented included Florida, Georgia, Michigan, and Oklahoma. An additional 200 guests joined from Bowling Green and Nashville. Bowling Green Zomi Church members hosted the out-of-state visitors in their homes and provided the meals for the event.

The program was organized by Kim Sian Mung, NAD Zomi Adventist Youth Director and master’s student at Andrews University. The guest speaker was ASAP Refugee Coordinator Bill Wells. In addition to the sermons, the event also included discussion panels, a prayer session for Burma and games.

“It’s been hard to get together since [COVID-19] hit,” Mung said. “So, the program comprised of spiritual emphasis but also social and physical emphasis. I think this was very significant and I heard that people were blessed by the fellowship.”

On Saturday afternoon, Mung made an altar call for those who wanted to dedicate their talents for God. More than 15 aspiring professionals, including those looking to get into the health care, ministry, business, engineer, and education field, responded.

“God gives us different talents,” Lian said. “We need to use them for His glory. Not for our own desire or just to live a comfortable life. We need to use [our talents] to proclaim the gospel.”

According to Mung, NAD Zomi Adventist Youth Combined will be hosted again this coming October at Tulsa, Oklahoma.