Literature Evangelism is Expanding

The Martin Memorial church in Centerville, Tenn. has begun a ministry that is growing in the Kentucky-Tennessee Conference. Ana Paula Swingle, formerly a student magabook canvasser, now married with a lovely 7-year-old daughter, sensed the conviction that God wanted her to work again in literature evangelism. Since she didn’t want to work alone, she shared her convictions with other women in her church.

A date was scheduled to begin with a morning training seminar and canvassing in the field after a late lunch. It was thrilling to see four adult women and three teenage young ladies in attendance. Preparations with a van, two experienced leaders, two-way radios, canvassing bags, and inventory were ready in advance.

The team is well prepared for evangelism, complete with GLOW tracts and correspondence Bible lessons. There are no doubting halting spirits here, only strong faith that souls will be harvested for heaven.

The Taylor Mill church in Covington, Ky. has expressed a desire to start a magabook program.  They have already contacted the Publishing Department to schedule training and a start date.

“The church must give her attention to the canvassing work. This is one way in which she is to shine in the world. Then she will go forth, fair as the moon, clear as the sun and terrible as an army with banners.” RH January 1, 1901