Prayer Model: ACTS

Adoration: To praise and adore God for some aspect of His Character

  1. It sets the tone for the entire prayer
  2. It reminds us of who we are talking to and whose presence we are in.
  3. It reminds us of His identity and His inclinations.
  4. It purifies the one who is praying — your spirit is softened and your agenda changes
  5. God is worthy of adoration — so right from the beginning we offer praise
  6. Suggestions:
    a. use a speller divider or computer for daily praise words
    b. meditate on the specific characteristic
    c. journal it
    d. use scripture with that word in it

Confession: Coming to God with particular sins and asking for forgiveness

    1. It is one of the most neglected areas of personal prayer.
    2. Of all of the feelings a person experiences, guilt is one of the worst.
    3. In most cases people who consider themselves spiritual over rate their goodness in the eyes of God.
    4. It is easy to use the words, “Lord forgive me all my sins” — it becomes the easy way out.

Thanksgiving: Thanking God for individual events and things that are happening to us

  1. Being able to thank Him even in the midst of bad things — Jonah 2:9
  2. Are you an optimist or a pessimist? — “In this life, pain is inevitable, but misery is optional.”

Supplication: Another word for intercession and requests

  1. Break away from using the cliché word, Bless.
  2. Use a system — Take a fresh thought from your reading of the scripture and apply it to the person you are praying for.
  3. Organize the weekdays into special lists so you are not overwhelmed with long lists.