Recording The Past And Planning For The Future

Born in 1925 in lovely Moreland, Lincoln County, Kentucky, Myrtle Rucker Carroll was the youngest of seven siblings born to Saint Clair and Hattie Morgan Rucker.  She and her family enjoyed the richness of rural living in a quieter time.

After graduation from Moreland High School and business school, Myrtle was employed in retail and banking businesses in several cities including Detroit, Nashville and Tampa where she retired.

She relocated to Middle Tennessee to help with the care of an ailing older sister and settled in Portland where she enjoyed the fellowship of the Adventist family of believers surrounding Highland Academy and the nearby Adventist churches.  In no time this friendly lady was well connected with the community becoming known as “Miss Myrtle” by her many friends at businesses and organizations. The years she spent volunteering at the hospital were perhaps her greatest outreach to the public.

One of Myrtle’s greatest passions was the documentation of the history of the Rucker and Morgan families.  She was widely known for her expertise in collecting pictures, dates and other valuable family information.

After moving to Tennessee, Myrtle sought the assistance of the Conference Trust Services Department to prepare her last will and testament, a trust and other important documents.  She carefully planned a way for her earthly possessions to be passed on for the benefit of her beloved Highland Church, the ministries of the Kentucky- Tennessee Conference, the family burial place in her hometown in Kentucky and for family heirlooms, including the family history she had compiled, to be passed on to hands that would protect them for future generations.  As carefully as Myrtle, during her life, chronicled her family’s history, she did her utmost to support the future of the Lord’s after her death.

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Kentucky-Tennessee Conference Trust Services Department