Simple Baskets, Simple Message

by:  Jay Prall

As Decherd’s potluck luncheon wrapped up, it was time to create and assemble another meal.  Potatoes, green beans, gravy mix, apples, cornbread and cookie packets, oranges, and other food items needed to be arranged into simple baskets to bless the community.  A marketing postcard showing the church on the front, and an invitation to Sabbath services and a Wednesday night Ladies Bible Study was conspicuously tucked into the front of each package.

Once the baskets were finished with a red ribbon tie, it was off into the surrounding streets, knocking on doors, doing introductions, and leaving a blessing for the surprised neighbors.

“The annual event is a reminder that the church is in the community for a greater purpose than to just serve as a meeting place for members of the congregation,” explains Pastor Nelson Mercado.  “One of the recipients spent considerable time telling us about health problems facing her family, and asked us to pray for them.  Another neighbor called the church the following week regarding a crisis he was facing.”

The baskets are part of the church’s strategic plan to love the community in practical ways throughout the year.  Church members had previously responded to a county health department plea for packages of diapers and wipes that were donated to needy parents.

“One of the strengths of a small church is its ability to respond quickly to emerging needs,” explains Kathy Prall, elder and community services coordinator.  The Decherd Church always looking for new opportunities to show God’s love in a practical way.