Youth POWER Event

Fifty-three young people and sponsors participated in the 2nd Annual Youth POWER Event, September 24-27.  Participants this year came from Madison and Highland academies and the event was held in Manchester, Ky.  The POWER (Prayer, Outreach, Witnessing, Excitement, Revival) Event consisted of working on various community service projects in an area that has been deemed one of the most economically depressed areas in the United States and ended with a youth rally on Sabbath.

The first day two groups were formed and sent to different work sights. Assignments included everything from pulling weeds and spreading gravel to building wheelchair ramps. It was a lot of hard work, but the lives of four families were changed. The main objective was to witness for God and show others how very much He loves them.

Some of the participants had this to say about their experience at the POWER Event.

What, for you, was most satisfying about this outreach? “Getting to experience different cultures and different places.” – Maddie Hallam, Highland Academy (HA) Sophomore

What did you do during this outreach to improve someone’s life? “I don’t think it is what we physically did, but the company we gave to the people we helped.” – Ashley Gonzalez, Madison Academy (MA) Senior

Did you see God during this outreach? “Yes, because I saw Him giving patience to all of our leaders. When we didn’t understand something, they were there to help.” – Dante Cheese, MA Senior

What did you like most about this outreach? “Getting to learn new skills and meeting new people.” – Mark Harrison, HA Sophomore

Why did you come to this event? “I enjoy helping people and I feel like it is what God would want me to do.” –  Macy Hulin, HA Freshman

What have you learned from this experience? “When you have a need, sometimes you don’t realize that you have that need until it gets too big. But, it’s not always for us to handle. God will make a way.” – Thyrell Smith, HA Junior